We sell and support a variety of different software & hardware products to meet the needs of our clients. However, we only sell products that we trust and technically believe in.


We have lots of exciting new products to help your business grow and become more efficient. Give us a call to discuss your requirements on 01452 720250.

Citrix Solution Provider

Citrix provide Market-leading cloud, networking and virtualisation technologies that are transforming how people, businesses and IT work and collaborate in the cloud era. We are an official Citrix Solution Provider and we can tailor a solution to fit your requirements and budget.


Microsoft Office 365

Take your office with you! In the current economic climate, many businesses are looking for a cost effective solution which requires minimal capital expenditure. Also, with the growth in popularity of employees working remotely and working from home, the traditional small business server solution is not necessarily the default answer when looking at a new system.

Microsoft are leading the way with Cloud solutions and with Office 365 they have produced an alternative to the in-house server environment by allowing emails and documents to be accessed from the cloud. We are an official Microsoft Partner and our experienced team can advise and support you in migrating your old systems into the 21st Century.


Maximizer CRM

Maximizer CRM Software fuels your business success with a simple, accessible and adaptable CRM solutions that provides the best value in the market. It enables you to do more with less, providing a central lead management solution with instant access to the entire history of every customer or prospect. Maximizer CRM’s All Access licensing delivers a complete up-to-date customer history to customer-facing teams – anytime, anywhere – with access through mobile devices, the Web, or your Windows desktop.


Fourjs 4js

We are specialists in migrating Informix 4gl applications into software with a 21st Century look and feel which modern Windows users have come to expect. Using the FourJ's Genero development tools has allowed us to rapidly build new applications by ensuring that one business logic fits all deployment environments.

We have successfully built on existing investment for our customers by providing a migration route away from character based systems. Using these same tools we can also offer software development at a faster rate than some of the more widely used Windows based development suites. More information on Genero and FourJ's can be found on their website.



We have sold and supported the majority of the Informix product set during the entire life of SSL. We are Informix specialists and our Informix expertise goes to the grass roots of the creation of our company.

We have worked with clients using Informix across numerous vertical markets and in all cases we have helped them get the most out of their Informix investment. We can support Informix 4GL, Informix SQL, Informix SE and Informix IDS (all versions). We can help with the full project lifecycle from initial consultancy, database design, to bespoke software development, training and support.